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NEASC Accreditation

Mark T. Sheehan High School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Accreditation is an ongoing process which requires schools to meet the Standards for Accreditation that reflect best practices for teaching and learning and to demonstrate school improvement monitored through peer review. The accreditation program involves a threefold process: a self-study conducted by the school’s staff, an on-site evaluation conducted by a NEASC visiting committee, and a follow-up program carried out by the school to implement the findings of the self-study and valid recommendations of the visiting committee.

This accreditation assures that tax money is supporting a school facility and programs that have been judged worthwhile by an outside team of evaluators, both in terms of the school’s stated mission and expectations and in terms of the school’s adherence to the Association’s Standards for Accreditation. The Standards address curriculum, instruction, assessment, school culture, school resources, and community resources.

Students are most affected by accreditation since they are the central focus of the educational process. Accreditation assures them that their needs are being met through a quality educational program, that a vehicle exists to correct deficiencies that may be present in the school program, that their transfer credits will more likely be accepted should their family move, and that college representatives have the assurance of the quality of their preparation.

Continued accreditation is dependent upon a school demonstrating ongoing, reflective progress to improve teaching and learning and the support of teaching and learning.